JBL Wireless Headset

Originated from Harman’s fearless test, new product delivery solutions

Project Background

JBL is the world's largest professional speaker manufacturer, and will launch its new T280 TWS true wireless headset in June. The difficulty is that May-June is the key announcement period for digital electronic products, and competition is severe. We lock the marketing platform on social media based on brand attributes and needs, and use a series of marketing methods design, KOL evaluation, information flow advertising, WeChat official account and community, PR drafts and a series of resource combinations to lock the target customer group , To promote the purchase conversion of potential and loyal users of the brand.

Execution Strategy

[Three selling points]

High appearance, good sound quality, comfortable to wear and not easy to drop

[Two major strategies]

The promotion of new products is divided into two major stages: one is the 1 yuan pre-sale stage, through the sales strategy of 1 yuan to 10 yuan, and an appointment to save 140 yuan to attract the target group; The second is to continuously expand the influence and increase sales through various expert evaluations and strengthened guidance through official microblogs during the launch of new products.

【One-step diversion】

All promotion platforms can jump to the purchase page with one click

content Of Execution

Pre-sale preparation and preheating for one dollar pre-sale-a large number of laying guides, basic planting of grass

1 press release, 2 WeChat public accounts & more than 60 precise community-guided interactions, taking advantage of the flow of traffic to compete for products, set the tone for this announcement

One-yuan pre-sale evaluation of big coffee-professional evaluation report highly recommended

Weibo celebrities brought the topic #自己半是颜值控怎么办# and released a multi-angle evaluation report. The topic successfully ranked second on the topic list, and its aggregate influence increased again. Many netizens made appointments to pay.

Precise diversion of the one-yuan pre-sale-selling comments and attracting attention

The Weibo Super Fantong is officially launched, and the Harman China Official Account is vocalized. Many technology KOLs comment on the product's selling points [face value, sound quality, comfort]

Countdown poster for new product launches-pain point marketing, visual guidance

Harman-China's official Weibo released a new product listing countdown poster to continue to make efforts for the new product launch. The vertical technology KOL has also forwarded and promoted it.

Precise reach for new product launches-continuous diversion and promotion of transformation

During the launch of the new product, Weibo Super Fantong was accurately placed in six first-tier cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Jiangsu and Zhejiang, reaching all kinds of interest groups

Execution Effect
Customized strategies promote efficient conversion

Through the staged promotion of T280 TWS true wireless earphones, it covers the three selling points of appearance, sound quality, and comfort, and forms a joint force to deepen the memory of the target population. The final sales far exceed those of competitors in the same period.

Social Guidance|The exposure of the whole network is 200 million+;

Accurate conversion|Listed turnover 4 million+;


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