Search marketing

Integrate user concerns and optimize the search results page to fully cover enterprise information.
Use soft information to enhance the popularity of the enterprise, establish enterprise reputation, increase the exposure of the enterprise brand and obtain the favor of users.

Service Applicable Scenarios

Application Platform

Comprehensive coverage of major search engines at home and abroad

Search Environment Management

Protect the brand online search environment and reduce the cost of consumer decision-making.

Search Entry-Attention

Search Engine Page Matrix Optimization
  • 1. Optimizing the search page results
  • 2. Optimizing the drop-down words in the search bar
  • 3. Optimizing related searches
  • 4. Optimizing the PC terminal + mobile terminal of the entire network

Result Page-User Activation

Brand Word-of-mouth Information Construction on the Whole Network
  • 1.Baidu Encyclopedia
  • 2.Optimization reputation
  • 2.Baidu Post Bar
  • 4.The latest information optimization
Filtering Layer-Preserve and TransformationPositive Information Dominating the Results
  • 1. Positive news release
  • 2. Original positive copy-writing
  • 3. Timeliness/quantity optimization of positive information
  • 4. Optimization of all-media communication channels



In 2003, GLP started its business in China and is the largest modern industrial park provider and service provider in China. With the rise of the Internet in China, GLP has changed with the market environment and continued to build all channels online and offline. This program is only launched for SEO needs in the third quarter of 2019.

Online Service
Online Service

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