Platform marketing

The precise social platform optimizes the solution to realize the combination of grass planting and brand exposure. According to the user habits and positioning of each platform, the brand will go deep into the hearts of each user.
Content, pictures, comments, interaction, data optimization and other multi-dimensional and multi angle optimization schemes to complete brand exposure and marketing.

Application Platform

Stimulating the demand and promoting the brand on multiple platforms and from multiple dimensions

Service Advantage

Massive cross-platform high-quality resource support

Communication Marketing Model

Integrating scenarios and channels to help brand promotion


Spring Sheep

Spring Sheep is the only high-end sheep dairy brand endorsed by a state-owned enterprise in New Zealand. Since its establishment in 2015, it has successfully completed market layout in Malaysia, Vietnam and other regions. In 2019, the domestic goat milk powder market continued to be hot, and the brand successfully entered the country, but the domestic Internet voice was slightly insufficient. For this reason, we locked the marketing platform on Baidu and mainstream social media to help the brand complete the online layout.

Online Service
Online Service

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