Spring Sheep

Social + Search,Recommended by the whole network

Project Background

Spring Sheep is the only high-end sheep dairy brand endorsed by a state-owned enterprise in New Zealand. Since its establishment in 2015, it has successfully completed market layout in Malaysia, Vietnam and other regions. In 2019, the domestic goat milk powder market continued to be hot, and the brand successfully entered the country, but the domestic Internet voice was slightly insufficient. For this reason, we locked the marketing platform on Baidu and mainstream social media to help the brand complete the online layout.

Execution Strategy

According to the brand's market layout, we use Baidu's strong search terminal + high-quality content social planting method, and at the same time assisting technical means, planned and rhythmic spreading and planting on the entire network to enhance the brand's domestic reputation.

[Question and Answer Marketing, Word of Mouth Guidance]

Question and answer marketing is one of the most basic marketing methods. By simulating real user questions and answers, it can effectively occupy positions on the Baidu search side and strengthen the guidance of word of mouth.

[Baidu experience strong position]

Baidu's experience content is relatively high-quality, and it is better to occupy a position on the Baidu platform. Through discriminating method sharing, a good position is achieved.

【Social planting grass precision marketing】

On the Xiaohongshu platform, the combination of Suren + Daren is selected, with Daren as exposure guidance, and Suren as word-of-mouth construction, and continuous and uninterrupted output of high-quality graphic content to enhance brand awareness in the industry.

【Authoritative media quality endorsement】

The news is retained for a long time, and endorsement by authoritative media can effectively enhance the positive influence of the brand, and at the same time realize search space on the WeChat platform.

content Of Execution

Q&A marketing, word-of-mouth guidance-simulating real user base to plant brand words [Spring Sheep] No. 1 on the Baidu search homepage

Ranking optimization —— Improve high-quality Q&A placeholders, likes + netizens adopt

Baidu experience, strong position-discriminative method sharing, search optimization

Socializing and planting grass, precision marketing-talents + amateurs, reach the target group

Authoritative media, high-quality endorsement-search engine + social media, multi-dimensional display

During the launch of the new product, Weibo Super Fantong was accurately placed in six first-tier cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Jiangsu and Zhejiang, reaching all kinds of interest groups

Social search, high-quality occupancy —— WeChat platform search port included in multiple parties

Xiaohongshu's high-quality graphic notes, WeChat search occupies the fourth place; Sogou web news aggregation, strong guidance by Baidu's experience.

Execution Effect
The whole network strong Pa screen

After the comprehensive layout of search engine + social media, the domestic popularity of Spring Sheep sheep milk powder has increased significantly, the industry influence continues to expand, and user attention continues to increase.

Industry term [Sheep milk powder] The first place on the Baidu search homepage;

Thousands of messages have been distributed to reach various target groups directly;

Q&A, experience, post bar, news release effect is excellent, search + social platforms are all well included

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