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Websites, mini programs, and H5 are in place in one step, Hezhong helps enterprises to fully deploy the Internet
2021-08-19 10:06:12


In the Internet, a website can be said to be a carrier of information, but also a "site" for netizens to stop. A platform that integrates communication, creation, and application.

The development of the Internet has driven the development of the website, and the demand for the website market is constantly expanding. Today, when work and life are seriously inseparable from the Internet, if a company has not established its own website on the Internet, it will be seriously at a disadvantage when facing customers through network information evaluation and selection. On the contrary, a company with rich product introduction and case introduction The corporate website will give customers a sense of trust.

The website is the best entry for users to understand the company and product information. The company can put the company’s basic information (for example, corporate culture, corporate philosophy, company profile, etc.) on the official website for users to read, and it can also be updated when the company releases new products.

The official website, which helps users quickly and comprehensively understand product information, plays a role in promoting products. Website construction is the best way for an enterprise to establish an image and build a corporate culture, and the construction of an enterprise's official website is the best platform for displaying products. Looking at the prospects for the development of the Internet, the construction of corporate official websites has become inevitable!

Throughout the country, many small and medium-sized enterprises do not realize the real role of website construction. The main problems these companies generally face are: low corporate reputation, unclear product characteristics, and inadequate external publicity, which leads to the product market. With low market share, it is difficult for companies to improve! For a long time, products cannot occupy the market they should be, and the sales are naturally not smooth, so the company will inevitably be eliminated.

Five-in-one solution, in one step

As an experienced large-scale network service provider, Hezhong has provided website construction and related services to hundreds of customers in the past few years. Knowing the urgent needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, we specially classify website construction services into product categories to expand sales channels for enterprises and reduce Cost of sales.

1. Template building The Yunzhi system can shorten the time to 20 minutes at the fastest, which truly embodies the "fast, accurate, and ruthless". From page design, interaction design, back-end management to optimization of the entire site, it achieves true integration and rich product design. And hundreds of practical cases in various industries make the website construction to the extreme!
2. Customized website Tailored according to the product, user group, sales coverage area, etc., and can be adjusted according to the customer's situation, to meet the business needs of different companies, more in line with social trends, and meet the needs of the company's marketing and brand building.

3. Mini Program Development For all smart phone users, it can be used without downloading. Compared with merchants and mass entrepreneurs, small programs can greatly reduce costs without sufficient funds and market benefits at the initial stage of business startup.

4. H5 page customization China Mobile Internet is a huge market with many design presentation forms, and H5's design presentation forms are comprehensive. Due to the penetration of interactive concepts, we can connect many situations together and bring new experiences to users. At the same time, H5 takes advantage of the rapidity of the Internet and can achieve a high number of page views and recognition in a short period of time.


5.Dual-line web hosting/Hong Kong web hosting Dual-line virtual hosting is suitable for target customers' websites covering the whole country. Whether it is Southern Telecom, Northern Netcom users, or overseas users, they can quickly access customer websites, completely solving the bottleneck of mutual visits between Telecom and Netcom.

Hong Kong virtual host (virtual host without filing) is especially suitable for foreign trade companies and customers who are eager to open a website. No filing is required, which is convenient and fast! Effectively solve the trouble of filing and the problem of domestic North-South interconnection!

For a company that needs to build a website, if it can find a good enough website construction company to act as a partner, it will not only save money and time, but also ensure that it will get twice the result with half the effort in the later website operation process. At the same time, of course, the marketing effect is also impeccable.

As a website service provider who has been engaged in many years, Hezhong has accumulated years of precipitation and accumulation in website construction technology, and is the best choice for enterprises.

The website construction industry has a lot of room for development and improvement, and in the bright environment of the entire Internet, website construction, as the most basic link of the Internet, will surely follow the Internet boom all the way forward and develop vigorously.