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If you want to see what you know, you must understand the gameplay
2021-08-19 10:37:58

I am xxx, what do you know about it? How should my product be promoted on Zhihu? -From the demander
As the largest knowledge sharing platform in the country, Zhihu must have high requirements for content. If you want to play well in Zhihu --- your good content output is indispensable! Let me share with you my views on Zhihu, please finish!
One: What content does the target confirm? First of all you have to confirm who are you? What are you sharing? What valuable things can you bring? What is your most professional aspect? What kind of help do you want? What do you want to learn? A clear goal is the direction you are heading-[Come on]
II: What should be done after setting the goal? Start your professional answer to your own industry! ! ! You can answer your own industry questions with all your heart: (obtain high-efficiency recognition) 1: Through the search tool in the Zhihu site, and then give an in-depth answer! ! ! (Of course, your reply must attract more people) 1. Comments are interactive, whether it is from the commenter or directly in the article, this can bring you interactive activity.
2. Zhihu account chooses to post some more professional articles to share, so as to attract more attention and bring some effective answers to topic lovers ※: Zhihu's performance in Baidu is very high, and I have seen it recently Many industries have natural income traffic on Baidu (education industry, real estate industry, APP download, game industry, etc.). These are seen on Baidu's collection. Because of your focus, you can go to the Baidu homepage. The keywords should be set in advance, these are relatively good
All in all, in Zhihu-if the content is serious and the quality is high, you will win
Two: Let me start to promote and explain by myself: During the time I was doing Zhihu, the one question that many people asked me the most whether it was a private message, adding me to WeChat or calling me is: Our company has a negative question in Zhihu. Can the information be deleted? My answer is: Except there is enough evidence to prove it, otherwise my answer is NO. ※: Many people came after the above question, and finally cooperated with me to promote it-knowing that the above users are very sticky Strong, so the conversion to various platforms is relatively good, and the consumption level is the rich owner. Many of the sites are spread through sharing of work as a carrier. If you put more work content into plug-ins, there will be many friends who are interested in your stuff to learn about it, so it is very necessary to optimize and update the article. of.